Vasily Bogatyrev

            The composer, singer and sound producer.

Vasily Bogatyrev was born on May 31, 1966 in Odessa, Ukraine. From very young age, Vasily was enrolled in a very competitive musical school and, in 1986, graduated from the Odessa School of Arts with a specialization in Classical Piano, Vasily Bogatyrev is a multitalented individual, being one of the most popular singers in Russia while also being a renowned composer, who is able to create memorable instrumental music and songs. One would be hard-pressed to find a musical star on the Russian stage who does not or has not performed songs written by Vasily Bogatyrev.

            As a musician and singer, he was performed in some of the best venues in Russia, including the Kremlin Palace, the Theatrical Stage “Russia” in Moscow, the Concert Hall “Ubileyniy” in St. Petersburg , the Concert Hall in Yurmala, Latvia, and many, many others.



            As an artist, he has performed on Russia’s biggest television channels, such as ORT, NTV, RTR, MusTV, MTV Russia, NTV Plus, (all of the main channels of Russia). He performers his own musical and songs over such radio channels as Europa Plus, Russian Radio, ets.


            The songs of Vasily Bogatyrev are performed by such Russian singers as Philipp Kirkorov, Sophia Rotaru, Kristina Orbakaite, Nataliya Vetlisskaya, and many, many others.

            In 1999, Vasily Bogatyrev opened his own studio, Studio 33 Records, where he performers as a composer and sound editor for Russian stars, European stars, including “PushKing” and Dan McCafferty (Nazareth).



The level of Vasily Bogatyrev only proves the fact that when in 1997 Bryan Adams (the Canadian singer) performed in Kremlin Palace, Vasily Bogatyrev was invited onto the stage him to perform his own music. Bryan Adams was so impressed by the level of his performance that he remarked, “You’re not a small star. You’re the future of Russia,” in the presence of journalists during the press conference after the show, in response to Vasily’s  assertion that he was a small star on the Russian stage.


            In 2002, Vasily Bogatyrev began his work in USA as a musician and composer, writing the music for “Balagan”, which was produced by Firebird Productions Inc. The show started to wide acclaim in the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel in Mississippi. At the present time, this show is very popular in the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. In 2003, Vasily Bogatyrev wrote original music for a new show produced by the same companies called “Taganai”. This show is able to combine different circus acts and popular choreography and has been successfully exhibited in the Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel, in the Bush Gardens Tampa Bay Theme Park, and the El Dorado Casino in Reno, Nevada. In 2005, Vasily Bogatyrev wrote music for the newest show, “Izuru”, in which he has combined Russian folkloric music along with traditional Chinese music, as this show was created to unite the Russian and Chinese culture. This show ran for over five months in the Beau Rivage Theater in Biloxi, Mississippi. Another show entirely written by Vasily Bogatyrev is “Aga-Boom”, a comedy show which was successfully showcased over many different prestigious stages within the USA, including the “New Victory” Theater in NYC, as well as countries like Japan, Korea, UA Emirates. The music from “Aga Boom” was nominated for the Ovation award in the best touring show category, along with other well-known nominees as “The Producers”, “42 Street”, ets.

            Vasily Bogatyrev has released ten CDs with his music, including four thay were released in USA. These CDs include the music written by him for different shows, as well as his original music and songs. In Russia, Vasily Bogatyrev has been awarded with the Big Gold Medal and the official title of “National Treasure”, which showcases his unique status in Russia.

            Vasily Bogatyrev has won and has been awarded many National and recognitions, including:

            “National Treasure” Diploma in 1998

            Silver Medal in the Ninth International Television Festival if Youth Singers of Variety Songs “Yalta-Moscow-Tranzit 1994”

Special Diploma for his contribution to the preparation of the 800 Anniversary Celebration of Moscow

The music he has written for “Aga Boom” was nominated for the Ovation award in the Best Traveling Show Category, alongside “The Producers”, “42 Street” in 2003.


                                   Now Vasily Bogatyrev is the owner of the best sound recording studio in Moscow.

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Music for show “AGA-BOOM” wick was nominated for the Ovation Award, in the category of the best touring show, along  with the Producers, 42-Street, Lily Tomlin and Elaine Stretch.

“CD of the show’s much praised and often asked for score Chat was written by Vasily …”


“Incredible music…” The audience was clapping and singing along with the very catchy theme song …”

“Burbank leader”

“Fantastic score”   off Vasily Bogatyrev

“Back stage west”

Spirited musical sound track composed by Vasily Bogatyrev was infectious …”

“The Toucan Times”


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